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About Thesis and Minor-Thesis Procedure

Postgraduate Level

How to prepare for thesis writing?

FMS Graduate Unit has prepared the orientation day for students every year. Documents of thesis and minor-thesis courses are also provided at

What is thesis structure?

FMS Graduate Unit has prepared guideline for thesis and minor-thesis writing as well as thesis template for students at

If student does not have a thesis supervisor, can he defer his registration?

Students can enroll throughout the semester. If the students cannot enrolled through online registration, they must submit the registration form manually. The forms can be downloaded at registration website. However, it must be agreed by their supervisor before submit to Graduate unit.

How to prepare for minor-thesis writing?

FMS Graduate unit has prepared guideline for thesis writing at

What are the steps and time frame of thesis and minor-thesis preparation?

FMS Graduate unit has prepared a thesis-writing-calendar for students to download at FMS website. The document was also distributed to students on the orientation day.

How long does it take for PG1 document (บว1) process?

PG1 document process; After FMS postgraduate unit received the completed PG1 document (with supervisor's signature) from students. It will be proceed with the approval of program administration committee, program director and deputy dean for graduate studies. Then it will be submitted to the graduate school and the registration unit.
It takes at least 2 weeks in the whole process.

Does student have to submit PG1 document before registration?

Students must submit PG1 document before registration.

How to select the supervisor?

Before finding the supervisor, student should have a topic or research area that you interested in first. It will be match to the expertise of the supervisor. Then he can easily guide you through the process of thesis writing.

How is thesis different from minor-thesis?

Minor-thesis consists of survey research, case study, testing out theory, and problem solving research. It is not deep as thesis. Thesis must have depth in a particular field. It focuses on producing quality research results. Its results can apply to solve problems and / or develop existing knowledge and/or related professions in that field. It emphasizes the nature of originality to some extent. It contains a complete research process, critical analysis and synthesis to answer problems or explain the phenomenon with acceptable reasons.

How should students plan their thesis/minor-thesis to be completed as scheduled?

There should be a time schedule and do exactly according to the schedule. Do not loose contact with your supervisor.

Which part of the thesis preparation takes the longest to complete?

Chapter 2: Review of theories and Literature.

What problems did students encounter causing them to graduate later than the specified criteria?

Students lost contact with their supervisors. Lack of continuity in thesis writing.

Can students have a table for each step of thesis examination plan?

You can download here

How can students choose their supervisor?

Students can look into the list of supervisors' names and expertise here

What are the graduation criteria for thesis and minor-thesis?

Graduation criteria for thesis and minor-thesis

  1. Pass thesis/minor-thesis defense exam
  2. Get the English Placement Score
  3. Research results must be published in a journal or proceeding
  4. For minor-thesis, students must pass comprehensive exam

How to write a paper?

Students can download guideline for article writing at

How to search for international research database?

FMS postgraduate unit conducts the workshop on research database every year. Student can check the announcement at Facebook: grad fms psu

Do questionnair and interviewing questions have to be approved by Graduate School before being used for research?

Students can ask experts to check the questionnaire before collecting data. It can be done before or after the proposal defense.

Can students register thesis all credits in semester 2?

It is possible. However, student's exceed-credits-request form must be submitted and approved before register in online system.

When is the thesis topic submission schedule?

Within August.

What do students have to do to get the registration done?

For thesis, student's PG1 document must be submitted and approved before register in online system. For minor-thesis, student can register in online system.

What should students do when they cannot find the original citation?

Student must follow the APA reference style.

In the case that the advisor retires before the completion of the student's thesis, do students have to change supervisors? How to deal with this situation?

Students can continue their thesis with the same supervisor until it is done.

Which reference style is used in literature review?

Student must follow the APA reference style.

Are there any lists of thesis supervisors?

The documents are distributed in the orientation day. It consists of supervisor's names and email.

How to check plagiarism in thesis or minor-thesis?

FMS postgraduate unit organizes turnitin workshop 4 times a year. Student can check at

What are the most problems encountered in the thesis writing process?

Students lost contact with their supervisors. Lack of continuity in thesis writing.

How students can get thesis forms and procedures?

Students can download at FMS website or QR code in distributed document in orientation day.

How to finish within 2 years?

Student should follow the schedule and continuously in doing research.

If the thesis has been published, will the students be able to conferent on the same work?

Students can choose to publish in a journal or conference proceeding. If students want to do both, they must adjust the topic and content in order to publish in journal and conference proceeding.